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Our Mission

The Winter-Lehman Family Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) Connecticut Corporation that is operated exclusively to seek out charitable causes or charitable organizations in need of support, and to design activities (including funding) to support such charitable causes and organizations.  While the Foundation does not limit its charitable purpose or activities to any specific areas, the Foundation's Board of Directors annually establishes four "focus areas" (see below), which usually receive at least 75% of the funds expended per year.   The Foundation tends to focus its efforts on the Greater Boston area and Berkshire County in Massachusetts; and Denver, Colorado.

Our Focus Areas


Helping children and teenagers from poor, under-resourced areas who are considered "at risk" for violence, hunger, homelessness, drug abuse, human trafficking, educational gaps or challenges, and other symptoms of poverty.

Civil and human rights

Promoting the dignity, opportunity and potential of all human beings. Combatting racism, anti-semitism, homophobia and other extremist views that devalue and oppress others. 


Protecting and caring for animals of all types. 

Hunger and homelessness

Working to ensure that everyone has someplace to call "home", safe shelter from the elements and sufficient nutritious food. 

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